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The My Baby Spa Story

Hello I’m Danielle and I created My Baby Spa UK. As a Primary School Teacher, I gained 5+ years experience in Early Years development which is something I’m passionate about and want to continue here at My Baby Spa. I’m also a qualified Ofsted approved Paediatric First Aider and qualified Baby Massage Instructor.


My Baby Spa offers award winning baby spa experiences for newborn - 12 month old babies and 1-4 year old toddlers. We currently run in locations across the UK. Each session has a maximum of 4 spaces so are really intimate and perfect for anxious mums who want a bit more of a safe space, we also have private 1 to 1 sessions. These sessions are for 60 minutes; adult and baby gets the full experience without over stimulating baby. They include:


  • bespoke baby jacuzzi bath use with built in colourtherapy lights and gentle massing whisper jets


  • guided baby bonding massage time (natural, organic, vegan baby coconut oil provided)


  • baby safe mini facial and manicure (baby safe nail files provided)


  • an in house photo area for you to capture the experience

You will also be provided with the highest quality 100% Egyptian Cotton towels and robes which are perfect to dry your baby’s sensitive skin. Our venues are darkened with sensory lights, calming music and relaxing aromas, so baby and adult will get the full spa experience.


We offer single bookings and you can book as little or as many sessions as you like.

Bookings are essential and payment will be taken immediately. This can be done on the 'Book A Baby Spa' tab.

Our doors are open to everyone! Mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandparents, carers or anyone else who wants to pamper their precious little one. Mum buns are more than welcome too! We appreciate the long days and sleepless nights so come as you are, the atmosphere is so chilled; both baby and adult will feel refreshed after our award winning baby spa experience. If you just want to enter an oasis of calm with baby but not in the mood to socialise or if you just need to get out of the house and see other parents and carers, we cater for all... we really are a no pressure, calming environment.

If there are any other questions, feel free to drop us a message. We look forward to welcoming you to the ultimate My Baby Spa experience!


Behind the My Baby Spa Brand

I always hated the part of interviews/inductions when they say ‘so tell us a bit about yourself’... but here it goes .


My name is Danielle, born and raised in Coventry, UK. I lived with my mum (who is more like my best friend) until I graduated from university and went off to explore the world for a while, but ended up back home. 


For the majority of my career, I was a primary school teacher; I taught Key Stage 1 for five years. All the exhausting days of teaching and relentless nights of marking/lesson planning was really worth it. Such a rewarding job! 

I had my little bundle of joy in March 2020. We were in hospital for a week as I had haemorrhaged during labour and we were both treated for sepsis, so we had no idea what was going on outside. Little did we know, the country was preparing to go into a national lockdown. I always remember leaving the hospital and feeling like I’d walked into a zombie town. The roads were empty, I’d never seen anything like it. 


Months of being cooped up with my newborn meant I missed out on all the baby/mother groups and even Health Visitor visits. It made me realise how precious those little moments in baby classes/groups are; both for baby and mother to socialise. Mid lockdown, my anxiety flared right up, I thought I was doing well and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. I really needed to get out the house, but we were in lockdown and I got to the point where I was scared to take my baby out. 


This is when I had a vision. I wanted to create a safe space where baby and adult could come and melt away the worries of the world. A tranquil environment where an exhausted mum / new dad / doting grandparents / loving carers could come and have some special bonding time with baby. A place where there is no judgement and just chill time. In these hourly sessions, precious little baby will get pampered to the max and adult can just unwind and bond with them. 


I have done extensive research, practiced techniques and tested products on my own baby, as I only want the best for her and all the babies that come to us. We have sourced: 

  • The best baby jacuzzi baths you’ll find, your baby will never be lying flat in the water

  • Organic, natural and vegan coconut oils to use on baby during bonding massage time

  • Baby files to treat your little one to a mani-pedi 

  • Egyptian Cotton towels and bathrobes as we know how important it is to have gentle materials on their sensitive skin

  • A little photo set-up so you can take a snap of your baby and take away those precious memories 


We now can’t wait to welcome you and baba to our award winning baby spa experience. ️

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