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6 Week Baby Masage Spa


My Baby Spa Baby Massage Course 


My Baby Spa has now launched our luxury 6 week baby massage spas! 


My Baby Spa Baby Massage & Reflexology  


For the first 5 weeks, our qualified infant massage instructors will show you strokes to do on your baby. Each week we build up the areas so baby gets used to being massaged. These strokes have been used for years on babies and these strokes are known for natrually relieving symptoms such colic, constipation, blocked noses, teething to name but a few. 


My Baby Spa Luxury Spa Ambiance 


Our baby massage courses are set in our calming, sensory spa setting. This is perfect for babies to enjoy the sensory setting while being massaged, but also great for parents who prefer that chilled ambiance, especially if they've been up all night or are feeling a bit tired or anxious. 

My Baby Spa towels, natural oils and handouts 


Every week we will provide you with natural, organic coconut oil to use for the massage and a fresh Egyptian Cotton towel to keep baby cosy during the session. We will also give you a handout with all the strokes on so that you can refer back to the guide when practicing baby massage at home. 


My Baby Spa baby spa finale 


Week 6 of our baby massage spa, you will get to experience our award winning baby spa including our baby jacuzzis and spa baby photoshoot!


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