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My Baby Spa Sessions


My Baby Spa Sessions 


Our award winning baby spa sessions are held weekly throughtout the UK. These intimate sessions are set in a cosy, dark sensory spa setting and only have 4 spaces per session, making it great for tired, anxious parents or parents who just want to experience something a bit different than your usual baby group. 


Baby Jacuzzis at My Baby Spa 


Our custom made baby jacuzzis have a built in midwives slope so baby is always safe and never lying flat in the water. The gentle massaging whisper jets are proven to help relieve colic and constipation, but also great for water play and building baby's water confidence. Our baby jacuzzis also have built in light therapy; an ancient safe and natural technique for improving mood through colours and also a great sensory tool. 


My Baby Spa baby massage


All of our spa leaders are fully qualified infant massage instructors and will guide you on strokes that will help you bond with baby and that you'll be able to use outside of the baby spa and incorporate in to your every day routine. We do provide 100% natural coconut oil to use for the massage, but you do not have to use it if you do not want to. 


My Baby Spa baby spa manicure 


With years experience in our baby spas, we have now designed our own custom made baby files for the perfect mini mani-pedi. Another perfect chance to pamper baby, but also be present and get that bonding time in away from the everyday hustle and bustle. 


My Baby Spa photoshoot


The cute part! We get baby all dressed up in our Egyptian Cotton teenie-tiny robes and let you take as many pictures as you like in our dedicated photo area at no extra cost! 


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